Gecko Protect Immobiliser

The most advanced security product on the market!

Gecko Protect is a superior aftermarket CAN-bus immobiliser system. It provides the ultimate protection from your vehicle being driven away even if the thief physically has the vehicle’s ignition keys.

Gecko Protect protects any vehicle from all techniques used by the modern-day thief including key-cloning, key theft, even if the vehicle is physically removed it is rendered undrivable when protected by Gecko Track.

The protection offered by Gecko Protect as the name might suggest is completely stealth there is no obvious physical equipment on show, when the thief attempts to start the vehicle there are no displays using LEDs or relay switch activation, the vehicle will simply not start until the unique code is entered by the owner.

How does it work?

The Gecko Protect uses Bluetooth Smart authorisation by wireless tags or pin entry using vehicles existing buttons.

Integrated dual CAN interface provides invisible digital engine blocking and authorisation with original car buttons.

Additional intelligent analog engine blocking by motion detection.

Additional authorisation provides reliable protection against hijacking, enhancing security functions of factory security. Trip is allowed only after entering an individual PIN-code with vehicles original buttons.

Control over car security with factory remote and reliable additional authorisation with Gecko Protect wireless tag.

Additional optional Engine blocking by separate relay (optional).

Gecko Protect protects against theft and hijacking with safe engine blocking in motion if tag is not detected after a set time giving the driver enough time to safety.

Disable keyless feature helps to protect against relay theft and also includes OBD protect which protects your vehicle diagnostics port from any key programming or other features.

Heres a selection of some vehciles we cover –