GeckoTrack Pro is a real-time GPS tracking platform for fleet management & Personal use.

Track any type of vehicle with GeckoTrack Pro and optimise operation costs, increase efficiency and save time and most of all secure your asset!

Reports are used to analyze and present information on unit activity in handy tables and charts.  The system allows creating flexible report templates, viewing reports in a browser, exporting them to files in various formats, and sending by e-mail.  Report queries Study reports online, get scheduled and event-based reports or execute them in one click from the monitoring panel.  Handy data management Use multi-level grouping, sorting, detalization mode, interval filtration, and time limitations for data display.  Informative charts Study charts with auto-scaling, zoom, single/multiple axes view, message points tracing;  add backgrounds, event markers, and different line colors.  Mapping options Take advantage of a scalable map featuring event markers, geofences, units, and tracks with the option to attach it to a report.  Extended information Complement reports with precise addresses, statistics, and data on 300+ monitoring parameters.

Vehicle location, history, mileage, speed and activity monitoring
Driver behaviour monitoring (Eco-Drive)
Driver registration and identification
Advanced Reporting

Temperature monitoring **
Remote ignition blocking **
Internal Geozones
Jamming notifications **

Fleet performance evaluation is based on mileage, fuel consumption, engine hours, average and maximum speed, idling, geofences, and driving time indicators.  The app allows creating any number of charts for selected parameters, carrying out comparative analysis or using multicharts to show correlations between two different KPIs. No matter how much diverse and complicated the data is, Dashboard makes it simple and perceptible both for novice users and top decision makers. Dashboard is available as web and mobile applications.

Vehicle tracking

With GeckoTrack Pro you can check vehicle location and trip history, set routes, manage vehicle and driver groups, analyse vehicle and trip parameters, remoteley immobillise your vehicle, driver behaviour and much more!

Easy to use

GeckoTrack Pro has a virtual guide that step-by-step shows where users need to click and what to select, to complete their task. Assets can be tracked via our custom app or via a browser.


Receive e-mail or pop-up notifications if a certain event occurs (e.g. violations, alarm button activation, sensor value variations, connection loss, idling, etc.). Notifications contain brief information on the event or can be used to trigger certain processes in the system, for instance, sending messages to a driver, executing a command, sending reports by e-mail.


Create any number of geofences of various shapes, colours, and sizes to restrict unit movements, prevent vehicle thefts, and control its activities within a specified area.  Control unit performance inside or outside geofences, including speed.  limit violations, sensor value variations, and access to vehicles.  Use geofences as addresses in reports and tooltips whenever precise address.  information is missing or control route performance by using geofences as checkpoints.  Benefit from dynamically updated images, screenshots, and other information bound to geofences. Be notified on any events taking place within geofences.

CANbus reading **

GeckoTrack Pro offers a compact GPS tracker designed for vehicle tracking tasks such as providing information vehicle location, speed, trip history, mileage, fuel level, etc. The device has an internal GPS & GSM antenna making it very small and easy to hide in your vehicle. This device fits easily anywhere in the vehicle and makes installation much easier.

The device is also includes an integrated battery which can help you monitor your vehicle in the event of powerloss from your vehicle.

Reporting and KPIs **

Customise, generate and subscribe to reports that best fit your business needs.

Tachograph & Time Analysis **

Remotely download tachograph unit and driver card data. Manage drivers work and rest time periods.

Easy to use, trustworthy, integral and advanced telematics platform for businesses to manage their transport resources.

Connect your data **

GeckoTrack Pro will connect your drivers, vehicles, tasks, routes, KPIs and all other data in a single platform. GeckoTrack Pro also has an API which allows integration with other systems, web services and platforms.

Eco-Drive/Driver Behaviour

Driver behaviour includes Harsh Braking, Harsh Acceleration, Emergency Stop, Harsh Cornering, Legal Speed violation and Overs peeding.  Most of all these can be setup as real time alerts when a violation happens.

Remote Immobilisation **

Remoteley block vehicle from starting from your app or desktop computer.

Reduce fuel costs

Historical and live vehicle data will help you to manage refueling, prevent theft, set real consumption rates, etc.

Functionalities include **

Detailed data directly from a vehicle’s on-board computer (CANbus) will help you to make the right decisions.

Advanced Mobile Tracking App

Manage unit list to get relevant information on vehicle movements, location, ignition state, and data actuality.  Map mode to access units, geofences, tracks, and event markers on the map or detect your own location.  Tracking mode to monitor the precise location and critical parameters of a particular unit.  Timeline tool to get the extended data on events.  Event-based notifications to receive right in the app.  Locator functionality to create links and share unit locations.  Sending of core commands from “Units” and “Tracking” tabs.

System Login

The login page can be accessed with every internet browser on any end device; App for IOS and Android included.

Fleet Status

In the fleet status overview you can see the all your current vehicles status at a glance.

Live Tracking

Monitor or track your vehicles live.  You can track all your vehicles at the same time.

Vehcicle History

The history shows data and driven routes of previous days and months.

Driver Alerts

Receive system alerts or auto-generated reports when speeding. Driver, vehicle, speed, allowed speed, difference,  location and many more.

Share Location

Easily divide the location of any number of devices for a specified period of time with a link that you can generate. For example, your customers can track the exact location of your delivery. The link only shows the live location of the selected devices.

Driver Overview

Organise your drivers. Adding new drivers or removing existing drivers is a breeze.

Driver Communication

Communicate with the driver. Send or receive files or photos. **

Task Planning

Send orders directly to the driver and automatically navigate to the destination. Always see the current status of the order. **

Geographical Zoning

Set geo-fences and automatically receive messages when driving or leaving a predetermined area.

Rules and Events

Create rules and automatically receive an e-mail message in case of rule violation. (Exceeding speed, leaving / driving on geo-zones, exceeding an engine speed, etc.)

Eco Driving Rating

The ECO-Drive function makes it possible to evaluate the driving style of a driver. Aggressive driving is thus made visible. 3 modes are available: analysis of the entire fleet, vehicle or driver.

** additional hardware requred, please contact your local dealer for further information.