GeckoTrack Asset Management & Recovery is a stand-alone tracking unit which requires no installtion and runs off its own onbard built in battery system.


Long battery life. Powered by an ultra-low-power Bluetooth BlueNRG-232 chipset, the tracker can
send up to 1050 GPS records.

Smaller costs and a shorter time of integration. It is estimated that integration costs of a wired device can cost more than a device itself, while installation can take up to 30-40 minutes. With GeckoTrack Asset 100 in hand, installing the solution takes up to a few minutes, and costs are considerably lesser.

Small, convenient and hard-to-detect. In terms of the practical side, a small and robust device has different mounting possibilities that include magnetic, strap and additional holder features. With IP68 protection, GeckoTrack Asset 100 can be conveniently hidden inside or outside the vehicle.

Accurate and quick data representation. With the help of our high-gain GNSS antennas and indus-
try-standard data transfer procedures, you will receive detailed and on-time information on any move-
ment of a car.

Upto 3 years battery life (depending on usage)

Accurate tracking using GPS, GNS, Glonas & Cell ID

Robust & easy to install

Periodic reports & weekly scheduler, track on spot & in motion

Water & Dust resistant with a IP68 rating (outdoor/indoor use)

4 mounting options